My name is Julio Lara and I’m an author, blogger and entrepreneur. I’m the creator and writer of theGoodVader. I’m passionate about personal development, about growing and improving as a human being and about sharing experiences.

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theGoodVader is mainly about growing.

But it is also about challenging our fears and flaws, and ultimately, challenging ourselves.

Most people wait to overcome their flaws before they can allow themselves to live a fulfilling life. While they fail to overcome those unwanted characteristics (I’m not brave enough – I’m not smart enough – I’m not brave enough – I’m not pretty enough) or particular circumstances (I’m not rich enough – I’m not good enough) life goes by.

Living a fulfilling life is not about waiting that our external conditions are perfect, but about growing and improving ourselves, as human beings, despite such conditions.

Personal development is precisely that: Finding a way to grow, not because all our obstacles have disappeared, but because we have understood that those obstacles are the very tools that will propel our growth.

When talking about personal development, most people focus on courage, following our passionlove and positive habits, which are key features of human character; but I believe talking about our fears, failures and flaws is as important as our goals and achievements.

Best of theGoodVader

The Wounds of Failure: Failure is present throughout the lives of every single human being that have walked this earth; and yet, we try to avoid it at any cost. But such endeavor is futile, because there’s is nothing we can do that can help us avoid failure forever. But there are many things we can, and should do, to cope with the wounds it can leave behind.

The “Follow Your Passion” Fallacy: Being one of the most commonly given advises of the last 20 years, is amazing the harm that the confusion and misconceptions about what it means to follow your passion can provoke.

The Man in the Mirror: Someone said once “a man is not an island”, and ever since we have struggled to find a way to deal with difficult people.

Roads to Happiness: Happiness seems to have become an ethereal quality, achievable only to a few lucky ones. We all want to be happy, this is the ultimate goal of human existence, even when we don’t realize it. But if happiness is such a common goal, why it remains so elusive?

Tolerance is Not Enough: Is not easy to understand that others will have very different opinions. We might feel an urge to explain to them why their opinions or points of view are wrong, but we can never forget that they have the right to be wrong. And even when their opinions or points of view might seem wrong to us, it might seem completely right to them at the same time.