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Conquering Procrastination and Harnessing Willpower in 5 Steps

About This Book

GET NOW The Discipline Manifesto and take control of your actions TODAY!

Beat procrastination for good and achieve the results of a productive but enjoyable life! (Yes, that is possible!) Learn to harness willpower to your advantage!

What you’ll get:

  • Redefined “discipline” for a new world and a new generation.
  • The key is not working harder, but working smarter.
  • A different approach to achieve different [and better] results.
  • Get rid of your limiting beliefs about what “discipline” means.

Most authors that have written about self-discipline will tell you that you should take action despite the negative emotions associated with a particular goal; that you should force yourself to go to the gym even when you don’t really enjoy it.

Even while this approach might yield results for a limited period of time, the results do not last and we end up back at square one; or even worse, completely demotivated about our goals or our ability to make our dreams come true.

The path to self-discipline as a habit is not by forcing ourselves to do what displeases us, but by understanding the reasons behind our emotions and modifying our beliefs in order to feel differently about the actions that need to be taken to achieve our goals.

The Five Principles of Discipline

The first step to master self-discipline is understanding what discipline really is, and we can do so by learning the five principles of discipline.

Acknowledgment: To accept what we can and can’t do is the first step. By acknowledging our shortcomings, we can come up with the best possible plan in order to counter our weak spots.

Harnessing Willpower: Understanding the true nature of willpower and its limits is of utmost importance if we want to harness it. By doing so, we can use willpower efficiently, and make it work with us and not against us.

Thrive for Challenges: Nothing worthwhile comes without some kind of challenge. Changing the way we see challenging moments or situations is not only positive to improve our self-discipline, but it also has amazing effects in every other area of our life.

Automatize: Getting rid of the small tasks that suck our energy and time every day, and automatizing those tasks that we cannot avoid is vital when we are pursuing our dreams and goals.


Perseverance: Nobody gets to become an expert, or even a decent performer, on their first try. Failure is a natural part of life and should never stop you from trying.

By explaining the five principles, The Discipline Manifesto will not only walk you through the process of developing discipline as a skill, but will also point out the basics steps you must take to overcome inaction or unhealthy behaviours and habits.

Allow Yourself to be Guided

The Discipline Manifesto will become a guide for introspection and challenging the negative beliefs you might unconsciously hold, allowing you to become the master of your will!