Footprint of an Intention: Law of Attraction Basics

The law of attraction simply states that what we focus upon is attracted onto our reality. If we focus on the positive aspects of our reality, we will attract more of it. On the other hand, when we focus on the negative aspects of our reality, our life will become full of new and bigger negative characteristics, events and experiences.

This is a rather simplistic definition, which in my opinion is the source of a great deal of confusion.

In order to really understand what the law of attraction is, first we must understand of what is composed.


Law of Attraction and Desires

We cannot avoid wishing. We constantly wish something more or something better. Some people wish more money, others wish better relationships, while some wish more relationships. Some people want to help more, while others want more help.

To wish more is unavoidable. It is an urge imprinted in our own code and part of what makes us the dominant specie on the planet.

Even if you have a Zen-like approach to life and you seek a minimalist lifestyle by wanting less, this is a desire in itself.



Content is the logical structure of our desires. This is how we imagine our desires will look like once manifested.

We want a happier life and we know exactly how this looks like or  we want.

Some people want to be wealthier and they have a pretty clear idea of how much they need in their bank account to feel wealthier (or so they think).

Others want a romantic relationship and they know exactly the characteristics of their ideal partner. They even know what we are capable of compromising without jeopardize the fulfillment of our desire.

The problem with content is that we tend to get obsessed about it. For some reason, we have concluded that content is the most important part of the equation; so, when something is not working, when our intentions (desires) are not being manifested as quickly as it should, we think something must be wrong with our content. So we tweak it a little bit, with the hope of better luck this time.

To do this is like placing our order in a restaurant, and changing the order after 10 minutes because is taking too long. So, 15 minutes later, we change the order again, because this time is taking even longer. After a couple of tries, we conclude that this has to be a terrible restaurant and we get out as soon as we can, resolved to tell everybody our terrible experience.


Energy – or Emotional Vibration

Energy is often confused with emotions, but the two are not the same thing.

Emotions and energy are related because emotions have an energetic component, and harnessing this energetic component is key to manifest our intentions.

Is easier to recognize the energetic components of extreme emotions – passion, true happiness, unconditional love often hold very high charges, while extreme fear or panic, depression or anxiety often hold very noticeable negative charges.

There are exceptions to this. Sometimes a very negative emotion can produce a very positive charge. Extreme fear or anxiety becomes crippling in most cases, but sometimes can motivate us to grow and improve, producing a very positive energetic charge.

Anger is another example of an emotions that usually holds a negative charge, but can actually be polarized all the way to its opposite and generate a positive emotion.

Now, I’m not suggesting you go all Amanda Clarke and use your rage as an excuse to seek revenge. Like I said, this is an exception and not something we must rely upon. We’re safer by relying on positive emotion as a source of a positive emotional vibration or charge.

Every emotion in between equally holds a more subtle energetic charge.

Understanding this is vital, because energy –or emotional vibration is the fuel of our intentions.

Holding an intention with great content but without a positive energy charge or emotional vibration is like being behind the wheel of brand new car with an empty tank.

Think of energy as a by-product of our emotions.



Our emotional state is primarily an indicator of how well our focus and our actions are aligned with our intentions. Think of emotions as a compass giving us feedback about the path we are walking.

When our emotional state is predominantly negative, this must be taken as a sign that the vibrational energy we are holding is not the same that the vibrational energy we would hold if our manifestations were already physical.

To expect that our intentions manifest while holding a negative vibrational energy is like hoping to watch the Game of Thrones’ season finale while the TV is on CNN. It might be already happening, we are just watching the wrong channel!

And it’s not CNN’s fault, or HBO’s fault; actually, it isn’t anybody’s’ fault. Just change the channel.


Take Action

Finally, taking action is the most important ingredient to manifesting our intentions.

You see, intentions don’t come flying off the sky. It will require some action from our end.

Many people see this as a downside. Maybe they were hoping that this whole manifestation thing could be done from their couch while watching a reality TV marathon.

What many people fail to understand is that when the taking action part comes on, when we are required to finally step in and grab that what we have desired, it will feel GOOD!

Taking action when our emotional vibration is aligned with our intentions won’t feel like a sacrifice, but all the contrary: it will feel like the natural next step in our lives. Taking action from a place of satisfaction, produced by the alignment of our emotional state and our intentions, will reinforce our positive emotional state. If for some reason it doesn’t, then we either are not truly aligned with our intentions or the proposed action is not the right fit for what we intend to accomplish.


Footprint of an Intention


  1. Figure out the content of your intention, but don’t get obsessed about it. Think of your intention as the end result, and forget about the means. In other words, if what you want is to have a positive, healthy romantic relationship, focus on this, and not in being lean or beautiful so you can THEN have a relationship.


  1. Pay attention to your emotions. Take note of the emotions that arise throughout the day. By doing this you will be able to assess if the things you are focusing upon are reinforcing positive emotions, and therefore, producing a positive emotional charge. If you find that your most common emotions during the day are negative emotions, then you must change the things you are focusing on.


  1. Harness and nurture your emotional vibration. Once you have managed to get yourself in a positive emotional vibration, take advantage of this like a surfer riding a wave. Do whatever you can to remain in this state for as long as you can and to increase the intensity of your positive emotions (and therefore, the positive charge produced by such emotions). The most silly or common activities can help to increase our already positive emotional state. Things like listening to music we love, hanging out with friends (only if those friends also hold a positive emotional vibration; otherwise, you will come across as the most annoying individual or they will knock you off your “happy place”) or taking a short trip to a desired destination are great examples.


  1. Be prepared to take action. Be ready because it won’t be long before opportunities start knocking to your door. How can you know which are the right ones? That’s what you have your emotional guidance system for. If it feels wrong or just not quite right, then it isn’t. The right actions feels like fun, like games, like happiness.


Give Yourself Time

Mastering the law of attraction consciously might take a while. After all, we have been running our lives on autopilot for a long time.

To conclude that the law of attraction doesn’t work after a few tries (or even without haven’t even tried) is like saying that cars doesn’t work because we don’t know how to drive a Ferrari after the first driving class.


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  1. Great stuff Julio, I like your style for you’ve just been able to describe the LOA in such an easy way! People in our field often come up with these very big words which clients or readers may not necessarily be able to relate to! I find that “simple” often works best!
    Blessings & Grace from my Heart to Yours

  2. Abraham Hicks, Rhonda Byrne, Wayne Dyer all nicely and succinctly summed up 🙂

  3. empressalison

    Great Post!

  4. Fantastic!! Great flow and continuity… I hope many people read this.. Insightful and practical.

  5. The be all/end all LOA book is Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. All the best ideas are presented there, with 22 processes as well. You have nicely summed up much of this…one thing I noticed is that desire and intention are NOT the same. You may have a desire to get a promotion at work, but if you are vibing not enough money or not enough recognition, your intention may be frustration/anxiety. You may not even realize that that is that emotion/vibe that you are putting out. It’s always good to become aware of what you are feeling in every moment…and if the emotion doesn’t feel good, it is possible to tell a new story (one that would feel better) or pivot away. Some of the best ways to use the LOA without working too hard, is to do a Rampage of Appreciation or write in a Book of Positive Aspects. (I write about this on my LOA blog), because they set people up for overall positivity, and are general. Keep up the good writing, and inspiring people to create better for themselves. I appreciate it.

  6. The emotion of Joy is the highest vibration. I believe if we follow our joy it is something larger than ourselves and short circuits the pesky ego who is impatient, never satisfied, and needs to go sit in the corner. Again though, we need to detach from how we want things to manifest and leave it to the Universe to guide our actions through inspiration with baby steps and blind faith as to how it will manifest. Everything at the perfect time, in the perfect way. Thanks for another great post.

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